All of my products can be delivered either in person or remotely via video conferencing software.
Ideal for connecting from across the globe or during lockdown situations.

Be Ambitious

A one-off talk or workshop focused on one particular stripe or topic. The insights and lessons learned from elite sport are applied to your needs with useful tools and takeaways.

Be Courageous

A series of 6 half or full day sessions designed to accelerate your performance as an individual or as a team. Learn the entire Earn Your Stripes methodology behind all of Neil's successes.

Be Relentless

A series of 12 one-to-one sessions designed to put the fundamentals in to action.Work directly with multi-gold medalist Neil to bring new levels of performance to your life.

Be Ambitious

Get a head start on the opposition

Discover how to increase the performance of both yourself and your team with easy to implement tools. Work directly with Neil and learn how he has become the best in the world and stayed there for over a decade.

This can take the form of a workshop or a talk with a Q&A depending one group size and your requirements. Focus in on one of the five stripes or deep dive into a particular area of interest.

Choose your stripe, choose to get ahead of the opposition, choose to work with the best.

Earn Your Stripes 5 Stripes Method

What drives and motivates you as an individual or as a team? Understanding this is crucial if you are to achieve your full potential. Neil’s DRIVE system helps you discover what makes you tick and how you can get the most out of yourself.

Invite opportunities

Drive and direction will give you the momentum you need to get the upper-hand on your competitors.

Performing like a World Champion isn’t about working harder than everyone else, its also about working smarter than everyone else. Discover how to get the most out of you or your team by exploring your working methods and choices. Areas include:

Breaking through the performance plateau
Marginal gains
Strategising for success
Creating a performance environment
Progress tracking
Redefining failure

Perform like a champion, take the next step, become a champion.

There are no self-made winners: alongside every champion stands a team. The key to world class functioning team is communication. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, its imperative that you build a support network designed for success, using experts to optimise your performance. Areas of focus include:

Communication skills
Debriefing key events
Creating highly efficient teams
Creating and finding mentors

If you create the right environment, filled with driven, talented people, your chances of achieving incredible things will be multiplied.

To be a champion, a champion mindset is required. Self-doubt, failures and self-sabotage are common: champions find a way to push through. The human brain is an incredibly powerful tool, but it often tries to work against us. Subconsciously, a part of your brain tries to stop you progressing to new levels because it sees change as a threat. This section shows you how to fight back by focusing on:

The mantra
CRESTing your limiting beliefs
Dealing with setbacks

With a champion mindset in place, you can concentrate on putting the most in to your performance. Think like a champion, become a champion. 

You can be the hardest working person on the planet, but if the stresses and strains of the big occasion get to you, you’ll never deliver when it matters. The magnitude of a situation can often sabotage a performance. Areas of focus inlude:

Creating ANCHORs to change your mindset
Using pressure to your advantage
Being agile in a fast-paced world
Long-term success

What if you could use the high-pressure situation to your advantage? This is where true champions excel.

Prices from £2,000

Prices from £2,000

Be Courageous

Become leaders, break records, win titles

Earn Your Stripes 5 Stripes Method

It is those who show courage who ultimately become leaders. By making the commitment to improve as an individual or as a team you are being courageous. This is the full ‘Earn Your Stripes’ experience. Become world class in each of these 5 areas, earning a stripe in each and you will find that distinctive edge to dominate your industry.

You can learn more about each stripe above, the difference between this and the Be Ambitious package is that you will work through it all.

This programme consists of 6 whole or half day workshops with your team. This can be done either in person or remotely via video conferencing software, dependant on your needs. Be courageous, sign up now.

Prices from £10,000

Be Relentless

Take on the world with a World Champion in your corner

Working with the team is all good and well, but sometimes you want to find improvements in your own performance. Whether you are facing a particular challenge or simply just want to move up in the world, this is the solution for you.

In Be Relentless you will work one-to-one with me so that you can implement the tools I have used to become a world champion. I will be by your side for every step of your journey so we can achieve your goal together.

My typical session plan would involve 12 sessions in person or via video conferencing software or phone. These would take place every fortnight or month depending on your needs. Between sessions there will be the opportunity to ask questions, as well as keep me posted on your goal getting.

It’s time to get serious, get laser focused and take on the world.

Prices from £8,000

Prices from £8,000