A personalised copy of the book signed by myself (Neil Fachie MBE).

The world’s top athletes excel when under immense pressure: years spent preparing for one event, one chance to perform, the world watching. How do some individuals rise up in these extreme situations to perform at their best while others fail to reach their full potential?

In Earn Your Stripes, multiple world champion, paralympian and world record holder Neil Fachie shares the insights he’s learned from over a decade at the top of his sport. His success has taken more than just hard work; it involves creating a performance-driven system. The Earn Your Stripes methodology is designed to enhance your performance both in business and in life.

Read this book and apply Neil’s methodology to:

• Find what truly drives you
• Deal with negative thoughts and situations in a more productive way
• Become mentally agile and effectively adapt to rapidly changing situations
• Develop the mindset of a world champion athlete and thrive under pressure
• Build your legacy and achieve your full potential